Context Design: How to Seize the Magic Moment

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  • A contextual product understands the full story around a human experience, in order to bring users exactly what they want, with minimal interaction.
  • Contextual products are about predicting the future. Software engineers work to teach them to look at certain user conditions, the local environment, and external circumstances, to predict what set of actions the user wants to perform.

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How to Define Context for Product Designers

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Everybody in tech is suddenly talking about context. In his TED interview, Larry Page talks about context as the future of computing; Marissa Mayer is rumored to be building a home grown contextual search engine; Twitter just acquired a contextual team; and Samsung is getting into the contextual game as well.

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Ten Tips for Mobile UX

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As the mobile channel matures and technologies develop, so too does the field of Mobile User Experience. We share ten tips for great mobile UX.

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LukeW | Video: How to Create a Usable Touch UI

LukeW | Video: How to Create a Usable Touch UICreating a usable touch interface means embracing the constraints of direct manipulation. When our hands are input we need to consider touch target sized controls, spacing, and the inevitable simplification of our interfaces.

Navigating the Mobile Jungle | UX Magazine

Navigating the Mobile Jungle

Did you know 1.2 billion people access the web from mobile devices? Mobile traffic accounts for over 15% of all Internet use globally, and mobile-based searches make up a quarter of all searches.

MIT’s Vibrating Supershoes Tell You Where To Walk | Co.Design | business + design

If you thought that the prefix “smart” couldn’t be slapped on any more products, prepare to be flabbergasted: MIT Media Lab researcher Dhairya Dand has invented smart insoles that help guide you through the urban sprawl without once consulting a map.

Fjord’€™s Digital Nomads report highlights a €˜new mobility | Fjord

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