Age: 27
Occupation: Hairdresser/Musician
Marital status: Dating
Location: Bloemfontein
Tier: Some experience
Archetype: Budget buyer


He needs a fairly reliable minivan to lug all his music equipment (and band members) around to gigs. They’ve just started booking gigs at different festivals and it’s an opportunity for them to get known. They need to get there reliably with all their stuff.


He wants to get finance to by his uncle’s minivan. He wants to know how much he can afford on his current salary and still have enough to travel and buy equipment. He wishes there was something that would work out the best way to finance his minivan.


He wants his uncle’s minivan but isn’t sure that everyone will finance such an old car (1997 model). Everything else out there is so expensive. People are crazy with their prices in the secondhand market. Prices vary wildly and he doesn’t know if he can trust popular car websites.